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Winterizing Your Pool

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Winterizing Your Pool

The #1 enemy: freezing.

When water freezes, it expands with enormous force. It’s the force that breaks up highways, splits garden hoses, explodes beverage cans in your freezer, and it’s the force that expands and cracks pool pipes, filters, pumps and skimmer baskets. If you are closing up your pool for the winter, you should always take precautions to protect from freeze damage no matter where you live—even pool owners in the South have learned, to their regret, that freezing temperatures are an ever-present risk.

  1. Be good to your pump and heater.
  2. No water in the pipes = no freeze damage.
  3. Clean the filter.
  4. Your final freeze insurance: the flotation device.
  5. The winter cover.
  6. Time for storage.
  7. Remove rope and floats from pool and put with the rest of the supplies. Store any dive board and ladders in the shed or garage, with your pump and filter. Store your dive bolts or ladder bumpers in the pump basket. If you have a sand filter, just leave it outside.

  8. You’re done.
  9. Your pool is ready for winter’s worst. Your investment is protected. And your spring pool opening should be an easy step to another season of swimming enjoyment!

10 Things To Consider When Building A Pool


Building a pool just like remodeling you home is a commitment, so you want to be sure that getting a pool is the right choice for you. Take a few minutes and consider a few things:

Why do I want a pool?

Pools are a wonderful way to get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, and get some exercise and fun packed into your day. Maybe you want to do laps before work every morning, or you have kids that are on the swim team, or you just want a place to relax and unwind.

Know your budget

Make sure that you have a solid budget and stick to it, that way when it comes to making a choice of what kind of pool you want you have an idea of what you want to spend and not spend.

What types of pools are there?

There are a lot of different types of pools out there and knowing what one is best for you and your lifestyle is very important. So do some research on the advantages and dis advantages of each type of pool. Examples concrete, fiberglass, salt water, fresh water. Do you want to add a spa or a vanishing edge?

Get Inspired

Go on Pinterest and the internet and search out images of pools that you love, designs that you want etc, make a pin board or a mini photo album so when you decide to have your pool built you can show all the designs and features that you love and want incorporated into your pool.

Find a reputable, quality builder.

When your having a pool built you want someone who knows what they are doing. A one stop shop, where you can have your pool custom designed for you, where maintenance packages are available and financing is provided if needed. You want someone who is well established and provides premier customer service. Clear Blue Pools Inc is the company for you.

Know building codes & insurance requirements

Your builder needs to be well versed in the current building, electrical, plumbing and zoning requirements your state and city. Look into the codes yourself and also contact your insurance company to ensure that you have adequate coverage once you decide to move forward with pool construction.

It’s not just your pool

Think about your whole yard. You want to imagine your outdoor space and create your own oasis. Talk to you builder about existing landscaping and trees that may make maintenance more difficult, and features that will make your pool pop. Planning can go a long way to creating the look and the feel that you want.

Efficiency & Environment

This new purchase will impact your electricity bill. Equipment, placement of pool and your location all fall into play. Find out if you can get equipment that will help to save you money and time.

Safety Comes First

Its wise to find out about safety codes as well when investing in a pool. Some cities differ on what exactly is required for securing your pool. And you want to have layers of protections. Fencing, locks that self close, water alarms that keep your family and guest those few extra seconds of safety. These are an investment and money well spent.

What about maintenance?

Who’s going to take care of your pool? Look for a builder that offers customized maintenance packages for your specific pool needs.

And Last but not least:

Dive In and Enjoy!!

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