Aug 19, 2016

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Fall Is The Time For Pool Renovation


With summer fun winding down and the end of pool season, it’s time to begin plans for winterizing your pool. But off-season is also the perfect time for pool renovations. What are some of the advantages of off-season pool renovations?

Plenty of Contractors Available
Winter is the slow season for contractors and many are looking for and eager to take on work. In some markets, contractors may even drop prices by 10 to 20 percent during the off-season.

Access to quality materials
During the spring, when renovations are in full swing, it’s often harder for contractors to obtain quality materials because they are in higher demand. The result? By undertaking your renovation in the off-season, when materials are plentiful, you’ll have a better range to choose from, leading to a much more attractive final product. You’ll probably also save money.

Timely completion
Spring is the busiest time of year for pool builders, it’s not unusual to experience delays as they rush from one project to another, juggling fast deadlines and running into hold-ups in the delivery of needed materials. By working during off-season months, you’ll gain the crew’s undivided attention and likely see more of your contractor.

Peace of mind
While some renovation projects can be completed in a matter of weeks, others may require several months to complete. Getting an early start on planning will give you the time you need to get everything wrapped up well before the start of the spring swim season.

Time to plan
Don’t forget that planning also involves things like sun chairs and other pool accessories. In the off season right as summer is ending your likely to find some great deals on furniture and many pool accessories to add to your personal oasis, so planning ahead for your pool gives you time to make sure that you have everything you need once your pool is finished for the opening of pool season in the spring!

If your interested in starting a pool renovation in the off-season, don’t attempt to do it alone. Let Clear Blue Pools Inc help, we offer a full range of construction, maintenance, in the Charleston SC.

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